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Case Management



Burns, T. and Firn, M. (2002) Assertive Outreach in Mental Health; a manual for practitioners . Oxford: Oxford University Press 

The authors propose that this text will equip all members of the multidisciplinary team with a clear understanding of the essential processes and interventions involved in assertive outreach.


Clarke, L. and Flanagan, T. (2003) Institutional Breakdown: Exploring Mental Health Nursing Practice in Acute Inpatient Settings .   Oxford: APS Publishing

In particular, the manner by which nursing teams have to cope with the everyday minutiae of 'ward management', while attempting to care for disturbed or difficult patients is closely and critically scrutinised.  The book holds out little optimism for change, which refuses to embrace radical solutions.  To that end, it concludes by recommending the abolition of inpatient settings in their present form.



Hofmann, S. and Tompson, M. (2002) Treating Chronic and Severe Mental Disorders: A Handbook of Empirically Supported Interventions . New York: Guilford Press


Written in a highly practical style, each chapter reviews the empirical basis for the treatment at hand; explains basic concepts and applications; and provides step-by-step implementation guidelines, concrete clinical examples, and patient-therapist dialogues.   

Johnson, S., Needle, J., Bindman, J. and Thornicroft, G. (Editors) (2008) Crisis Resolution and Home Treatment in Mental Health.  Cambridge University Press: UK

This book describes the evidence for the effectiveness of CRHT teams, the principles underpinning them, how to set up and organise them, how patients should be assessed and what type of care the teams should offer.

Lloyd, C., King, R., Deane, F. and Gournay, K. (Editors) (2008) Clinical Management in Mental Health Services.  Wiley Blackwell Publications: IK


Onyett, S. (2003) Team working in Mental Health Bristol: Palgrave Macmillan

This text examines the historical, social policy, political and organisational context alongside the design and the management of team processes.   Recognising the central importance both of the relationship between users and staff, and the mental health of team members, the author considers teams as part of a continuous quality improvement process aimed at achieving better outcomes for users.

Rapp. C.A. and Goscha, R. (Authors) (2005) The Strengths Model: Case Management with People with Psychiatric Disabilities.  Oxford University Press Inc: USA


Stein, L. (1998) Assertive community treatment of person’s with severe mental illness .  W.W. Norton: NY

Lays out the basics of staffing and running a community based programme for people with a diagnosis of severe mental.

The Sainsbury Centre for Mental Health training and Practice Development section (2000) The Capable Practitioner .  The Sainsbury Centre for Mental Health: London

The Sainsbury Centre for Mental Health (2004). Transforming Mental Health Care Assertive outreach and crisis resolution in practice London: The Sainsbury Centre for Mental Health

This report focuses on the implementation of assertive outreach and crisis resolution services, comparing sites across the country, and providing practical advice on both the benefits and difficulties of these ways of working.  


The Sainsbury Centre for Mental Health (2004) Primary Care Guide to Managing Severe Mental Illness . London: The Sainsbury Centre for Mental Health

Our popular guide on caring for people with severe mental health problems has now entered its fourth edition. It offers up-to-date information and advice on the role of the primary care staff within mental health care, focusing on the implementation of the new GP contract.


The Sainsbury Centre for Mental Health (2004) A framework for the whole of the mental health workforce   London: The Sainsbury Centre for Mental Health

This publication sets out the ten essential capabilities that all qualified and non-qualified mental health staff working in the NHS, social care, voluntary and independent sectors should acquire as part of their core training.   


The Sainsbury Centre for Mental Health (2004) Whose Values: A workbook for value based practice London: The Sainsbury Centre for Mental Health

This workbook is designed to help mental health and social care practitioners to recognise the influence of different values on their work, and apply these insights to resolve conflicts and develop capable practice.


Wong, D. (2006) Clinical Case Management for People with Mental Illness: A Biopsychososial Vulnerability-Stress Model.  Haworth Press Inc.: USA

Examines a range of important topics including: the roles and functions of mental health workers, relapse prevention, assessment and clinical intervention, psychiatric crisis management, and working with families.  In addition, the book includes checklists, worksheets, activity charts, and three helpful appendices.